Odessa Police: National Night Out Recruits Needed

Odessa Police: National Night Out Recruits Needed

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - If you haven't signed up to host National Night Out for your neighborhood, you still have time. And there is a new phone app you can use to sign up. It's called Next Door. It's an app for your smart phone that will send you alerts from the police department you need to know.

"If we're experiencing a rash of burglaries or one specific crime in one neighborhood, we have the ability to send out alerts to that one specific neighborhood to warn them of what's happening in their neighborhood," said Corporal Steve LeSueur with the Odessa Police Department.

The app is becoming trendy right before National Night Out, set for October 6th. LeSueur said you can use the app to sign up to host the community-building campaign for your neighborhood.

"Regardless if you receive our alerts or not, it's still a very beneficial tool to have because you're able to communicate with your neighbors in your neighborhood, and it's only exclusive to your neighborhood," said LeSueur.

OPD has 17 neighborhoods signed up for the event but 40 more recruits are needed.

"The best way to sign up go to odessapd.com and there is a link," said LeSueur. "If you go to the community relations and scroll down, you can find it that way. The second way is to simply call the Odessa Police Department."

In less than a month, you can join over 37.8 million neighbors across over 16,000 communities in America to celebrate National Night Out.

"Within the last few years, we've experienced a tremendous amount of growth so and it's just a great opportunity to get to know your neighbors and to talk about current issues that you are experiencing," said LeSueur.

The following is a list of recruits already committed to host a National Night Out.

1) 1900 Block of Sunset
2) 1600 Block of Palomar
3) 3200 Block of Redwood
4) 1824 East 51st Street (Chapel Hill Baptist Church)
5) 92nd Street & Rainbow (Lawndale Park)
6) 2000 Block of Zacate
7) 1700 Block of Buffalo
8) 3600 Block of Springbrook
9) 4141 Tanglewood (St. Barnabas' Episcopal Church)
10) 2700 Block of Fair Oaks
11) 6200 Block of Glenhaven
12) Murfield & St Andrews (Park at Links Subdivision)
13) Wildwood & Inwood
14) 1600 Block of Englewood
15) 2100 Block of Westbrook
16) 2800 Block of Teakwood
17) 1500 Block of East 13th Street