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Midland to Begin Installing Signals With Yellow Flashing Arrows This Week


Starting the week of September 14, the City of Midland will begin to install signals with flashing yellow arrows.

According to the City of Midland's Facebook page, the signals will be installed along Midland Drive between Thomason and the private road into the Target shopping center. They will also be placed along Andrews Highway between Midland Dr. to Missouri Ave.

The flashing yellow arrows serve as green circles if you're making a left turn. The exception is when you're driving through the intersection because you're in a left turn only lane. A solid yellow arrow means the light is about to turn red.

The City of Midland says there are many reasons for this change. They say this style of traffic signal meets current state and national standards. The all-arrow-display will also make it clear that the lane is left turn only, and it only shows one type of indication at one time. There will be no more red and green lights displayed at the same time. The city also says traffic engineers will be able to easily manipulate the operation of the display with more flexibility to allow different traffic patterns during the day.

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