Midland ISD Reaching Out to Dropouts

Midland ISD Reaching Out to Dropouts

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Midland ISD is reaching out to dropouts. Early Saturday morning, administrators volunteered to go door to door. It was all for the 8th Annual Recovery Walk. NewsWest 9 tagged along to see how it all works. The volunteers chatted with students and parents to learn why they haven't made it to school, and let them know they've been missed. 126 volunteers were up bright and early for the recovery walk. They knocked on more than 2,00 doors, all to deliver one message.

"We miss you at school. You're not there. We really want you to get your education," said Deborah A. Acosta, Director of Graduation & At-Risk Student Population for MISD.

NewsWest 9 joined these ladies as they reached out to students who haven't been at school. When no one came to the door they left a friendly note behind. 'MISD cares about you...and wants to help you re-enroll'. Door after door, no answer, and then...

"That's great. We're glad you're going back and getting your GED. 'Yeah I have to for this one (child).'," said Angelica Guzman, an Application Analyst for MISD.

"I wouldn't want her to grow up and be like 'Well you didn't go to school why do I have to?' You know? It's just the principal of the matter. Just getting it done," said a local teen.

"Because of the walk we do see a number of students come back," said Acosta.

MISD's Director of At-Risk Students says it's all thanks to the volunteer's.

"When they see maybe their old high school teacher or their counselor or even their principal come and knock on their door on a Saturday morning when they probably could be doing something else, it really does touch their heart. You know even the ones who feel that they're tough all the time. They are like 'Wow these people really do care about me.'," said Acosta.

For students who have left school to work, MISD wants them to know they can still help them graduate.

"So these students that feel they have to work, whether in the oil field or somewhere else, they can work during the day, and not attend the traditional school day but they can attend a flexible school day where they can come at night," said Acosta.

If you would like to help them reach out to students who haven't reported to school, you can email Deborah A. Acosta, Director of Graduation and At-Risk Student Population for MISD at deborah.acosta@midlandisd.net