Sophomore Girl Joins Fort Stockton Football Team

Sophomore Girl Joins Fort Stockton Football Team

Meet Evonnie Ramos. In a lot of ways, she's your normal 15-year-old high school sophomore. She loves to sing and she's excited about her classes this year.

There's just one thing that sets her apart.

"You can just tell it on the young lady's face that this one's different. This one's not in it for publicity. This one's not in it for attention. She wants to play because she loves the game," said Fort Stockton High School athletic director Derrick Taylor.

Evonnie just moved to Fort Stockton from Keller, Texas. She was really into wrestling at her old school and she was really disappointed to find out that Fort Stockton doesn't offer her favorite sport, so she decided to do the next best thing, football.

"Girls can play wrestling and football. So, I wanted to come over here and show for myself and for other people that I wanted to do it. I love the sport and I want to show girls that they can do anything boys can do," said Evonnie.

As soon as Evonnie moved to Fort Stockton, she knew she wanted to play football, the biggest challenge was getting her family to agree.

"We had a long conversation and we ended up just totally changing my perception of why a girl can or can't play football," Evonnie's mother, Tammy Ramos, said.

Evonnie started practicing with the Panther's junior varsity team on and she's here to prove that football isn't just a boy's club anymore.