Midland Police and Fire Departments Compete for Blood Donors

Midland Police and Fire Departments Compete for Blood Donors

It's an annual showdown, and it's all about raising awareness for the desperate need for blood in west Texas.

This is a friendly competition between our first responders.

The two departments have teamed up with United Blood Services. It's called "Battle of the Badges."

The first day is September 9th from nine in the morning until three at the police department. Over at the central fire station, you can donate from eight in the morning until noon.

The blood drive continues Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Midland Park Mall from noon until six.

West Texas hospitals need about 130 pints of blood every day for trauma and cancer patients, surgeries, and other lifesaving procedures.

"The department that gets the most donors to donate gets this huge trophy, and it's big. And we put 'Battle of the Badges Competition' on it for whoever wins. And I have a pretty good idea of who's going to win, but I'm not going to say," joked Dianne Scott, the senior donor recruitment representative for United Blood Services.

All donors will get a Battle of the Badges t-shirt, and you can expect free food and coupons to area businesses.

By the way, one blood donation - that's just one pint - can save up to three lives.