Midland Goodwill Experiencing Uptick in Thefts of Donations

Midland Goodwill Experiencing Uptick in Thefts of Donations

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Goodwill stores in West Texas are seeing an uptick in thefts of donations.

One Goodwill in the Basin is robbed almost every night.

Just Tuesday night, the Goodwill in Midland was robbed of its donation bags left outside. They say they have cameras installed, but at the rate these criminals are snatching their property, they say a donation process change might be the way to go.

"Unfortunately, the donations that get left off after-hours are taken on a regular basis. It is an every day occurrence for us," said the Assistant Manager of Goodwill in Midland, Debra Roy.

The Goodwill in Midland gets donations on the daily. For those who drop off items after hours, their bags of goods most likely won't make it through the doors.

"The donations that these nice people in Midland want to give to the Goodwill actually don't make it into the store because of the theft problem," said Roy.

Roy believes the spike in thefts correlates to the economy. She adds that plans are in the works to prevent future thefts.

In the meantime, Goodwill asks that you leave donations during business hours just to be safe.

"We are working to put new processes in place to help eliminate a lot of that problem," said Roy.

All items sold at Goodwill go toward training and jobs for residents who have been to jail, who are from a disadvantaged background or for those who have developmental or physical disabilities.

"It's sad because it does affect the people here that need these jobs," said Roy.

Anyone who is caught stealing will face serious consequences.