Toilets, Mattresses, Dead Animals Dumped in Big Spring Alley

Toilets, Mattresses, Dead Animals Dumped in Big Spring Alley

BIG SPRING, TX (KWES) - Residents are fed up with ongoing problems related to illegal dumping in an alley behind Owens Street and Mittel Avenue in Big Spring.

Piles of food scraps, cans and bottles, dead animals, mattresses, discarded furniture, construction materials and a broken toilet littered the dirt path Tuesday afternoon when NewsWest 9 observed the scene.

Neighbors estimated the alley - and trash - stretched nearly a quarter of a mile along their properties and called it a fire hazard, potential EPA violation and breeding ground for crime and disease.

According to Big Spring resident Danny Heckler, the problem began five months ago and received "no attention from the city" until this week.

"[City workers] finally came out here yesterday and took away the overflowing dumpsters, but it's still not cleaned up," he said. "It was even worse before, but this is still a fire hazard. It could burn the whole neighborhood down."

City Manager Todd Darden did not return calls from NewsWest 9 seeking comment.

It's unclear how the city is addressing residents' complaints about illegal dumping and who will be held responsible for the trash still strewn across the alley behind Owens and Mittel.

"None of this is from the 20 or so people who live in the neighborhood," said Heckler. "It took them long enough to take the dumpsters away... and now they want [residents] to clean up the rest?"