Youth Coalition Uses Flamingos in Aims to Achieve a Tobacco-Free Community

Youth Coalition Uses Flamingos in Aims to Achieve a Tobacco-Free Community

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - A group of youngsters in Odessa is hoping to learn more ways to promote alcohol and tobacco prevention.

To reach their goal, they're using 50 flamingos, surprising residents of Odessa with a yard full of them.

Don't worry, they're not the real flamingos, just plastic ones.

If you walk outside to see 25 plastic flamingos in your yard, it's not a prank. It's a funny concept, but with a serious message.

"It's not everyday that you see 25 flamingos in your yard," said Justin Bronaugh of the X-Out Youth Leadership Coalition.

Justin;s group is the culprit behind the pats of flamingos you might spot around Odessa.

Other groups might surprise homeowners by "rolling" their house with toilet paper.

Not this group. They came up with their own idea.

"You'll 'roll' people's yards, and they pay for you to pick it back up. So, I was like OK, what if we could do this without 'rolling' someone's yard? So I came up with pink flamingos," said Bronaugh.

The group's goal with the flamingos is to raise money to go to a summit.

"You learn new ways to promote tobacco prevention in your community," said Bronaugh.

For flamingo clean-up, you can pay $10. Or, you can pay $30 to "flock" a friend's house for a day.

Each home that's yard bombed will get a note with more information about their group.

Group leaders say the investment is well worth it.

"I feel that if everybody knew the information that we could know, we could completely wipe out smoking," said Bronaugh.

If you'd like the X-Out Youth Leadership Coalition to come flock your home, or if you'd like to recommend an address they should flood with flamingos, we've posted the forms under the News Links tab on our home page.