2 Dogs Killed While Trapped in Burning Home

2 Dogs Killed While Trapped in Burning Home

MONAHANS, TX (KWES) - A Monahans family is left with nothing after their home went up in flames yesterday. They weren't home when it happened, but their two dogs were. When the family got back, it was too late. The home is a total loss. They left just minutes before and came back to find their home destroyed by the blaze. The homeowners were too emotional to speak on camera but a family member explained what happened.

"It's been really hot and that bedroom was the coolest room in the house. Whenever it would get really hot during the day that's where she would lay the baby down to take a nap and that's the room that caught fire," said Lori Kihara, a family member of the victims.

The young parents and their one year old baby were not there when the home went up in flames Friday evening.

"It's a good thing that nobody was in the house but unfortunately their dogs did not make it," said Kihara.

The two dogs were put inside the home when the family left. It was too hot to leave them outside. As the flames engulfed the home, the dogs were trapped inside the laundry room.

"When my son went to remove that board it was too late. He dragged them out and they were already dead. We tried CPR on them and everything and it didn't work," said Kihara.

The family says the fire was sparked by electrical wires connected to the air conditioner. The blaze has left them with almost nothing. They say many things can be replaced, but their four legged family members were a devastating loss.

"It hurts because they are part of the family," said Kihara.

If you would like to help out the family, they are planning to set up an account at Complex Community Federal Credit Union in Monahans after the Labor Day holiday.