Prices at the Pump Low This Labor Day Weekend

Prices at the Pump Low This Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend is here and that means the highways will surely be crowded. The good news is gas prices are lower than they've been in years. Drivers are filling up, getting ready to hit the road and it's a perfect time for one last summer road trip because you can find gas as low as $2 a gallon.

"Gas prices here are pretty good right now," said Jim Medina, a nearby resident.

A survey by Trip Advisor says more than 68 percent of Labor Day travelers will be driving and that's why this time of year we usually see an increase at the pump. This year, low gas prices could get even more people on the roads.

"Oh definitely so. Definitely so. We're actually going to be going near Dallas and everything this weekend so definitely a lot easier on the pocket book," said Randy Hamilton, a nearby resident.

Even drivers who told NewsWest 9 they never fill up are taking advantage of the lowest gas prices in nearly a decade.

"First year of college, no job, so $2 is pretty good for me right now," said Sydney Toledanes.

Petroleum analysts for say this time last year, the average price of gas was nearly a dollar more. In West Texas, a majority of jobs depend on the oil industry and not everyone is happy to see these prices at the pump.

"Well my thoughts on this is $2 a gallon is nice but I'd rather be paying $3.50 a gallon and everybody have a job," said a local who wanted to remain anonymous. is predicting that prices will keep going down. They say by the end of the year the national average will have dropped 44 more cents.