Cpl. Keith Almonte Named Odessa Officer of the Month

Cpl. Keith Almonte Named Odessa Officer of the Month

On August 21st, Cpl. Keith Almonte was on route to a service call when he happened to see smoke near Tom Green and University.

He followed his instincts, followed the smoke, and found a house with the attached garage completely engulfed in flames.

He was the first officer on scene, so he blocked off as much of the road as he could, and rushed for the front door.

He kicked open the padlocked front gate, and ran into the burning home.

"I started in the portion of the house that was completely on fire and made my way toward the other portions of the house. I got to the southwest corner of the house, which is a bedroom, saw the teenager in there, told him to grab his stuff because the house was on fire," Almonte told NewsWest 9

As he was leading the teenage boy outside, Officer Almonte saw two dogs in the home, and carried them to safety as well.

Cpl. Almonte says that he's very honored to be the Odessa's Officer of the Month, even though for him, he was just doing his job.