Odessa Has Fourth Highest Car Theft Rate in the Country

Odessa Has Fourth Highest Car Theft Rate in the Country

More cars are stolen in Odessa than in nearly any other city in the nation.

One State Farm insurance agent says that the best way for the city to lower these numbers is for car owners to be a little more cautious.

It's as simple as hiding your valuables, locking the doors, and parking your car in a safe place.

State Farm Agent Filiberto Gonzales says that most people just don't protect their vehicles like they should, and they're basically sending out invitations to car thieves.

"We have people who tend to leave their keys, you know, they're running - they run inside a convenience store and before they come out, you know, their car's already gone, so people tend to do that a lot," Agent Gonzales told NewsWest 9.

The real problem is that drivers still think of Odessa as a small town with small crimes. They forget that the city has grown, and with it; the criminal population.

If you're wondering what types of vehicles are stolen the most, well in Texas, it's pickups. No surprise there.

So, if you have a truck, don't forget to lock your doors.