Iraan Church Rebuilding After Fire

Iraan Church Rebuilding After Fire

A church in Iraan that burned down earlier this year is now finally one step closer to rebuilding. It's a bitter-sweet time for members of the First Baptist Church. For the past four months, charred remains have been a reminder of what happened. Now they can finally move forward with the start of demolition...

"So excited when we saw the trucks moving in to tear it down. It's kind of sad to see the empty lot but it's exciting because we know we're moving to the next step. So we are pleased and blessed," said Margaret Holmes, a member of the First Baptist Church in Iraan.

"We've lost our building and that was hard. It's hard to have happen and it's hard to watch. Now we finally get to move past that and we get to start over," said Keith Green, one of the deacons of the First Baptist Church in Iraan.

Back in late April, church leaders were getting ready for their weekly children's program. Many kids had already arrived when the church caught fire.

"It was very, very smokey. We got everybody out. All of the little kids we sent down that way, down the street," said Green.

In just minutes, the church was engulfed in flames.

"Maybe 15 minutes we had smoke pouring out of the eves. A lot. Rolling out. We all pretty much knew then we had lost the building because we knew then we had a major fire," said Green.

Then just a few days ago, believe it or not, another blaze sparked up in the remains of the church.

"2:00 in the morning our phone rang and 'Hey! The church is burning!'. Uh no the church already burned. Turned out there was quite a fire," said Green.

Fire crews worked for six hours in the middle of the night to put that blaze out. Now after four long months...

"It was, ugh, wow, we're ready to get this going," said Green.

They are two days into the demolition stages, the first big step in building a new place of worship.

"I would just like to thank the community, west Texas, for the continued prayers. The support is still coming in," said Pennie Green, a ministry assistant for the First Baptist Church in Iraan.

"There is a bright side to it and we're focusing on that," said Green.