Petition Pushing For Texas To Be It's Own Nation

Petition Pushing For Texas To Be It's Own Nation

It's a petition with one goal, to make the state of Texas it's own nation. The organization in charge was in Midland today trying to rack up the signatures needed to put this issue to a vote. The Texas Nationalist Movement has set out in dozens of cities across the country on Saturday. Just in Midland nearly 80 signatures have been collected. The organization says if they can get 75,000 signatures in the next 93 days they will be on the 2016 primary ballot.

"Everyone can agree on the fact that we should have the right to vote on the issue," said James Franklin, the Midland representative of the Texas Nationalist Movement.

Supporters say there's a long list of reasons Texas should be it's own nation.

"I don't think there is anyway we are ever going to get past some of these policies and starting over is exactly what we need to do," said a local who signed the petition.

"Number one, we would be a lot better off. Texas is the 12th largest economy in the world right now. If we weren't sending all of our taxes to Washington D.C. where they are wasting them we would be better off," said Franklin.

This is the first state-wide initiative by the Texas Nationalist Movement to collect signatures.

"Most people support the issue of Texas becoming independent again," said Franklin.

They say a majority of Texans agree that Texas should break away from the United States. NewsWest 9 took to Facebook to find out, and a lot of people think it's a bad idea, many even questioning if it's achievable.

"The fact is that it is possible. It is legal," said Franklin.

Supporters of Texas Independence are making their voices heard.

"A foreign policy that is laughable. I despise the fact that we are the laughing stock of at least the western hemisphere. They make jokes about us in other parts of the world and I think that's tragic when we used to be respected," said a local who signed the petition.

The group hasn't tallied up the total number of signatures they got today, but be sure to visit for an update and to learn more about the Texas Nationalist Movement.