Thunderbirds F-16 Experience

Thunderbirds F-16 Experience

Stephanie Mills said, "I've been briefed. I've gone through all the maneuvers that we're doing with the plane today, the F-16. Yeah, I'm ready to get out there and experience something new. I think the breathing part of it is something I'm going to pay attention to the most, just dealing with all the Gs. But I think for the most part I'm ready. I know he said, 'Have you ridden in a roller coaster before.' Yes. This is going to be even more so, 110, 20, 200 times more than that. I'm excited."

Maj. Tyler Ellison, "Wolf," said, "We work with the best group of men and women the Air Force has. We have about 120 total members on our team. So being able to perform at the top of our game, being able travel around the country and represent the U.S. Air Force is an honor for each of us...Flying this jet is very similar to flying other fighters. It's very taxing at times. All those lessons you learn from previous years of experience, about 10 for all those pilots, comes into play as you perfect those maneuvers you're doing. As we take you up today, being able to let you experience what people will see in the show this weekend."

Stephanie asked, "What's it like to have a back-seat driver?"

Ellison said, "It's part of the job. Probably the coolest thing we get to do is to take people like yourself up and let you experience what it is to fly in the F-16 and see flying from a whole new perspective."

Stephanie said, "Right now, I am in the Thunderbird F-16 with my pilot "Wolf." We're about to pull some Gs and he'll let us know when we're ready to go."

Ellison asked, "You ready?"

Stephanie said, "Ready."

Ellison stated, "Here comes some Gs...Alright how did that feel? 7 Gs. Nicely done."

Stephanie exclaimed, "7 Gs, definitely was going... I was trying to hold on. That was some Gs."

Ellison said, "Pretty intense."

Stephanie replied, "You feel like when you go to the doctor and they take your blood pressure, only it's all over."

Ellison agreed, "Yeah."

Stephanie said, "Thank you so much CAF for letting me do this, have this opportunity with the Thunderbirds today."