Segundo Ramirez Sentenced For Death of a Child

Segundo Ramirez Sentenced For Death of a Child

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - A jury deliberated all day Thursday trying to decide the fate of Segundo Ramirez. After finding Ramirez guilty of two counts of injury to a child, the jury finally came to a decision. In January of 2013, Segundo Ramirez and his former girlfriend Jasmine Olivas were arrested for the death of Olivas's son Omar Frias Jr. who died as a result of injuries to his abdomen that were caused by Ramirez. 

District Attorney, Bobby Bland, said, "Wednesday the grand jury for the defendant said Ramirez was not guilty of capital murder. He was charged with three counts capital murder and two counts of injury to a child, one by act and one by omission. The jury found him not guilty of the capital murder, and guilty of the injury to a child by act and omission.
Ramirez received 99 years for injury to a child by act and 30 years for injury to a child by omission, his charges are concurrent. 
"What's essentially a life sentence is what he deserves and we're very glad that the jury handed down this strong sentence. It sends a message to the community that they won't, and we won't, tolerate the abuse of children in this community," said Bland.

Both Segundo Ramirez and Jasmine Olivas the mother of Omar Frias Jr. were charged with capital murder and injury to a child. Ramirez was found not guilty for capital murder. Olivas has not yet gone to trial.

"Jasmine Olivas agreed to eight years in prison, but she has not yet gone to trial. But, if she is willing to cooperate and testify truthfully she would be given a sentence of eight years," said Bland.
District Attorney Bobby Bland tells us the sentence that was decided by the jury was well deserved.

We appreciate how thoughtful the jury was and they took their time in coming up with a decision and in the end it was the right decision and its proper justice for that poor little child Omar Frias Jr.," said Bland.