Midland Parents Pushing to Move FM 1379 Bus Stop

Midland Parents Pushing to Move FM 1379 Bus Stop

MIDLAND COUNTY, TX (KWES) - Parents claim new bus routes for the Midland Independent School District are forcing them to place their children in harm's way.

A newly created stop at East County Road 120 and FM 1379 has led to numerous complaints throughout the neighborhood.

"I am so terrified that a vacuum truck is going to hit my child," said Adrianna Gonzales. "12 kids get on the bus there. They have to walk nearly half a mile in the dark at 6:40 a.m. along a road filled with industrial and construction [vehicles] hauling all sorts of dangerous materials."

School buses had designated stops closer to residential areas on East County Road 120 - including one in front of her family's house - before routes were changed this year, she said.

The mother of three sent video footage to NewsWest 9 showing industrial vehicles hauling asphalt, water and oil field materials along the road and past the bus stop. Multiple trucks appear to be driving faster than the posted speed limit of 55 miles per hour, Gonzales said.

In one video clip, she can be heard asking a construction worker near the bus stop about safety. He replied that children "should not be anywhere near" the industrial activity at the intersection.

Gonzales said a sheriff's deputy inspected the area after she filed a complaint with the Midland County Sheriff's Office and also declared the bus stop location "unsafe" for children.

She and other parents throughout the neighborhood have filed requests with district officials to move the bus stop from FM 1379 to the corner of South County Road 1072 and East County Road 120.

"This is closer to all 12 kids getting on that bus," said Gonzales. "I requested that if they didn't change the bus stop to at least give us 12 reflecting vests and [hydrogen sulfide] monitors... We don't know what could be coming out of that construction zone, especially if there's a crash."

Her neighbor, Shawna Thomas, also has three children and said she plans to drive them to school herself if the bus stop isn't moved.

"How would you feel if your kids were out here, having to walk at 6:40 in the morning in the dark with all these construction vehicles in and out?" she said.

MISD administrators could not be reached for an interview. Parents pushing to move the FM 1379 bus stop said district representatives received written notice of their complaints this week and promised to respond within "four to five days."