Odessa Church Struggles to Rebuild

Odessa Church Struggles to Rebuild

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Last July, the Rose of Sharon Missionary Baptist Church went up in flames. The neighborhood watched as the heart of their community burned.

"I was thinking that just part of the church would burn and we would salvage and we would have something left, but that didn't happen. The entire church burned with everything in it," said Mary Henson, Rose of Sharon's music minister.

The First Baptist Church of Odessa saw their neighbors in need and opened their arms to the homeless church.

"We received word that the Rose of Sharon Church had been destroyed by fire and naturally we were concerned about where they would be meeting and the main deal of how we could help. Our pastor kind of led that charge," Curtis Brewer, worship pastor of Odessa First Baptist Church, told NewsWest 9.

It's been a year now since the Rose of Sharon started holding services at the First Baptist Church, and this Sunday was supposed to be their last, but because of construction delays and financial struggle, the church's new home still isn't ready.

"We're ready to go home. They've been excellent, nice, beautiful to us. But we can't go home yet and we've got to stay somewhere. So we hope and pray that they'll let us stay a little longer," said Henson.

They still aren't sure when they'll get the funds to finish the church, but leaders at the Rose of Sharon are confident that they'll make it through this storm.

"We've been through the fire, we've been through the flood, but we're coming back," said Henson.

While insurance covered most of the cost to rebuild the church, Rose of Sharon still needed about half a million dollars to finish their new home and they're relying on the community to raise those funds. To donate to the Rose of Sharon Missionary Baptist Church, they can be reached at 1615 E. Murphy, Odessa TX, 79761.