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Top 5 Back To School Must Haves

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Wednesday is the first day of school for Midland I.S.D, now there are some basic essentials students need to remember to pack this morning. Pencils and paper are the obvious ones, but you may be forgetting something.

NewsWest 9's Zora Asberry made a list of the top five things that the kiddos need to remember to bring to school on the first day.

  1.  A cool backpack is the number one item. Zora's favorite color is pink so she made sure to bring her pink backpack!
  2. Pencils are an obvious choice, but you can't just bring any pencil to school. It's important that you bring a #2 pencil.
  3. To stay organized throughout the school year its always good to have a binder. On the Midland I.S.D's recommended school supply list, for most grade levels, they suggest a bringing a three ring binder.
  4. If you don't want to eat school lunches, it's important you have the number 4 item on the list, a lunch box, filled with your favorite lunch and snacks. Zora's personal favorite is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
  5. Last but not least, with the first day of school also comes the germs. Hopefully MISD students have gotten their flu shots before the first day, but just to stay safe its always good to have Kleenex tissues and hand sanitizer!

That wraps it up for Zora Asberry's top five school supplies.

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