Midland ISD Still Facing Teacher Shortage

Midland ISD Still Facing Teacher Shortage

School starts on Wednesday, August 26 in Midland, but the school district is facing a major issue. They are still short teachers.

Elizabeth York, Communication Specialist with Midland ISD, said, "Starting the school year for Midland I.S.D, we are short about 60 teachers, so we're still looking for about 40 elementary and about 20 secondary teachers."

Until enough teachers are hired, the district does plan on using substitute teachers.

"I don't want parents to think that classrooms will be empty or we will be unprepared. We do have some faithful substitute teachers, who we are very thankful for, who will help us start the school year on the right foot," said York.

The district is in the process of requesting 23 waivers of the state's mandate to keep the maximum student to teacher ratio of 22 to 1.

"We do try to keep class sizes consistent even with the teacher shortage. There are some things that we've done as a district as far as moving people around in order to help there be more people in the classroom then there has before," said York.

Administrators say Midland ISD isn't the only district dealing with this issue. The teacher shortage is happening in various schools across the board. The district is now asking for anyone who is certified to teach, to apply.

"We encourage anyone who is qualified to apply by calling human resources or by looking at our website at www.midlandisd.net and the number for Human Resources is (432) 240-1800," said York.