Big Turnout for Final Day of Texas Thunder

Big Turnout for Final Day of Texas Thunder

Texas Thunder has been going strong all weekend, incident-free. There was a phenomenal lineup, which was the number one goal for the organizers of this party.

"Every music festival is a little bit different and it just depends on how you organize it and what your goal is," said Kim Blevins, General Manager of Texas Thunder. "Our goal here is to bring in the biggest and best talent to West Texas. That's our goal, it's a music festival and it's all about the music for us."

One of those performers is Canadian country-artist Dallas Smith. He began in a rock band, but now he entertains a different crowd..

"I'm a big believer that music really has no borders," Smith said. "There are two types of music: good music and bad music. Hopefully I can land in that good music stuff."

Officials with the event say there has not been any incidents or arrests over the weekend. With a big country music festival, it seems inevitable, but not at Texas Thunder.

"We pride ourselves on being a festival that can be family-friendly," Blevins said. "We always have people that want to come out and party - that's the music festival vibe and people come out, but we also want to make sure the families feel safe to come out and enjoy the music with us."