Telemundo 20 Anchor Involved in Three-Car Accident, Considers His Survival a Miracle

Telemundo 20 Anchor Involved in Three-Car Accident, Considers His Survival a Miracle

It's a second chance at life. A member of our sister station Telemundo 20 was involved in a three-car crash on Sunday when an accused drunk driver veered into oncoming traffic.

Now, Luis Carlos Mendoza is sharing his story.

The stretch of highway where this happened was in a two-lane construction zone on Highway 290 from Austin to Fredericksburg. Research by TxDOT reveals that 16 crashes happened inside of that work zone alone since January 2014.

Not everyone was as lucky as the Mendoza family. It's a story of survival deemed a miracle.

"I thought the worst. I said, 'We're going to die' because there was no room to escape," said Mendoza.

On Sunday, August 16, Mendoza was on the way back to the Basin from Austin with his wife Liz and two sons, Eric and Luis. He dropped off his daughter Lizzy for college.

As they entered a work zone on Highway 290 near Johnson City, a two-lane portion of the highway, Luis Carlos spotted a wrong way driver right in front of him.

"This guy, I saw him about 40 yards away starting to invade my line. I thought, why is he doing that?" he said.

Luis Carlos was at the mercy of the on-coming driver, who appeared to be going 70 miles per hour.

Luis couldn't veer off road because the highway had concrete barriers on both sides. Right before he hit the gas to swerve away, he says he heard a voice inside tell him, 'You're going to survive'. Then the two cars made impact.

"He hit us in the middle of my vehicle so he destroyed it. Everything. My car was totaled and thank God everybody in my family was wearing a seat belt," said Mendoza.

Luis Carlos, his wife and two sons got away with some scratches and bruises. A third vehicle behind the family also suffered damages.

They later found out the driver who caused the wreck may have been drinking.

"We are glad that the Lord saved us because it's a miracle that we're alive because we had three vehicles totally destroyed," said Mendoza.

Luis says DPS troopers who responded to the accident weren't just surprised the family survived, but that everyone walked away without a single broken bone.