Business Owner in Midland Opens Gun Shop Inside of a Barber Shop

Business Owner in Midland Opens Gun Shop Inside of a Barber Shop

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - A barbershop in Midland is now selling much more than haircuts, they're selling guns and ammo. Chris and Jennifer Hodge have been owners of the Western Barber Shop for four years. With the old western theme, the Hodges thought adding a gun shop in the back would only make sense. The process took a few months to complete after filing paperwork with the ATF, but the couple made sure to take the necessary steps so they wouldn't jump the gun.

"I just wanted to do something different and my wife kept saying we're buying so many guns, we ought to open up a gun shop. We were just joking about it and she actually checked into it and next thing I know the paperwork came and we sat down just looked at the paperwork to see if we could do it, and it just happened," said Owner Chris Hodge.

So far the Hodge's say their new addition hasn't brought any negative attention.

Jennifer Hodge, Co-Owner of Western Barber Shop and Gun Shop, said "We love it, our customers love it, everything's going great with it, we're selling a lot of guns, and it's actually brought business to the barbershop also."

The barber shop/gun shop carries pistols, AR's, long rifles and shot guns, they also sell ammunition and tasers. The owners tell us they are already having a hard time keeping items on the shelves.

Vicky Hodge, mother of the owner Chris, said, "I think it's a great idea, Christoper and Jennifer have worked hard, very hard on the barbershop for years now and the gun shop was kind of a second idea and I was behind him 100%, he knows his stuff."

One customer says the shop gives him a real West Texas feel.

Trevor Money, a customer of the barber shop said, "In West Texas particularly there's a very very strong gun ownership principle. It's embedded in the culture and, as a barber shop which is a traditional culture as well, it just fits perfectly and I can see why it's taking off in the way that it is, it's wonderful."

Western Barber Shop and Gun Shop are located at 4310 Illinois St., Midland, TX.