Odessa Arson Suspect Arrested

Odessa Arson Suspect Arrested


An arrest has been made in connection to a house fire in Odessa on Tuesday.

48-year-old Rodney Robertson is facing charges of arson.

Fire crews were called out to the house fire in the 4300 block of Redbud.

Authorities saw a witness who said they had a dog from the house that was burning.

When they called the number on the tag, Robertson picked up.

He told authorities that he didn't live there anymore because his ex had kicked him out.

He then admitted over the phone that he burned the house and that he was on his way to New Mexico.

Another witness also called dispatch to let them know that Robertson had called them and let them know he burned the house down.

Robertson's father also admitted to authorities that his son called and told them he had poured gas inside the home and set it on fire.