Family Searching for McCamey Man, Last Seen July 7

Family Searching for McCamey Man, Last Seen July 7

A West Texas family is crying out for help. They haven't heard from their loved one in more than a month. Juan Ramon Rodriguez Olivas was last seen on July 7 in McCamey.

"It's hard, I just hope he's found," said Juan's brother, Luis Armando Rodriguez Olivas.

Juan's neighbor told the family they were about to grab some beers from the store, when he quickly ran inside to use the restroom. When he came out, he says Juan was nowhere to be found.

Juan turned 31 on August 17. He is from Ojinaga, Mexico, but came to McCamey to be with his children and now ex-wife. He works in the oilfield.

Luis says Juan would call his parents three to four times a week. Suddenly, those phone calls stopped.

After more than a month of silence and phone calls going straight to voicemail, Luis made the trip from Ojinaga, Mexico, to McCamey to search for his brother.

The last time the two spoke was July 8.

"He called me because I was in Odessa on vacation...[He told me] that he wanted to see me, nothing else," said Luis.

Luis went Juan's home in an RV park. A neighbor told him about his disappearance.

As for the person responsible, they have an idea of who it could be but no proof.

Luis filed reports with the Upton County Sheriff's Office and immigration.

"He called himself 'Daniel Hernandez Gutierrez'. The sheriff told me that he found a false ID card and that he went by that name," said Luis.

We asked Luis if Juan was in any trouble or if he hung with the wrong crowd. He says he doesn't know.

When he spoke with the family of Juan's ex, they shared a detail that broke the family's heart.

"His wife couldn't say anything to me. His mother-in-law was the one to tell me that my brother had been killed in Texas but she didn't know where. She just said he was dead," said Luis.

Luis says the family just wants to find Juan as his parents wait in Ojinaga hoping for some good news.

"They're suffering because yes it's hard. I asked for permission to come to McCamey to find him but it was a waste of time. I lost everything and any hopes that we would find him," said Luis.

Juan has the name "Erica" tattooed on one arm and "Shayla" on the other. He also has "Rodriguez" tattooed on his forearm.

What's possibly the most distinct is a burn mark on his left shoulder from a tattoo he tried to remove.

The Upton County Sheriff's Office could not be reached for comment.

If you have any details on where Juan Ramon Rodriguez Olivas could be, call police.