Indoor Shooting Range in the Works for Midland

Indoor Shooting Range in the Works for Midland

A local firearm store is one step closer to bringing the first indoor shooting range to Midland. The city gave its approval earlier this week.

"The planning and zoning committee approved our special use permit. It still all has to go through the city council for final approval so that's really the only thing we're waiting on. It's a good sign. We're excited," said Danny Anderson, Manager of SK Arms in Midland.

Commissioners also approved commercial use for the land on Springpark Drive. SK Arms will be using this land for a 60,000 square foot indoor shooting range. They say it's a dream that's been in the works for nearly six years. The facility will be a first for the city of Midland.

"It is very exciting to be apart of something that is groundbreaking for the area," said Anderson.

When they approached the city back in late April, there was no ordinance for shooting ranges in place. Now, the city is in the process of drafting one.

"An indoor shooting range is something that I think anybody who shoots in the area has always wanted and nobody has ever really been able to get together and do," said Anderson.

The estimated $8 million shooting range will be near many businesses and homes. SK Arms says they are putting extra safety measures in place.

"The range is going to be very safe. We're going above and beyond the normal requirements for an indoor shooting range. Most shooting ranges just require armor plating on the ceiling. We're going above that; doing armor plating and a pretty thick layer of concrete. So there is nothing that is going to be getting out of the range. It's a very safe shooting experience. One of the safest you can get," said Anderson.

Even though it's not required, all employees will be NRA certified

"The people that will actually be running the range will be very qualified," said Anderson.

On September 22, the city council will give the public a chance to voice their thoughts on the indoor shooting range. That's also when they will have the first of two readings for the city's drafted ordinance. SK Arms says they plan to break ground this October and open their doors next summer.