Child Abuse Case Reviewed By Grand Jury

Child Abuse Case Reviewed By Grand Jury

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - A Midland mother is demanding justice after her child was allegedly slapped in the face. The case has passed the Midland Police Department and is now being reviewed by a grand jury. The report of child abuse was filed in June, a week after Tyverious Mackey's birthday.

"Maybe a week after he turned one, this woman had back-slapped him from the back seat and he had two black eyes so later that night I called the police because it had gotten worse," said Rhonda Allen, Tyverious's mother.

She said it happened at Midland Park Mall when she went inside for a few minutes while her friend agreed to watch her child.

"If she didn't want to watch him, all she had to say, 'you need to take your baby,' and I would have taken him in there," Allen said.

When she came back outside, she saw Tyverious was sleeping with a scratch on his forehead. But she says it was much worse before she got back to the car.

"She told my cousin, Vicky Brantley, that his mouth was bleeding," said Allen. "She was standing outside of the car smoking a cigarette when Vicky came back to the car. Vicky asked, 'how can his mouth be bleeding if he was strapped down in a car seat?' So she started examining him but see she didn't tell me he had a black eye, she just told me about his scratch."

Allen believes her friend slapped her child, but the woman says it was a teething ring that caused the injuries. She filed a report with the Midland Police Department against her friend which was then issued to the District Attorney.

Midland Police released a statement to NewsWest 9 regarding the incident, "MPD was contacted and interviewed all parties involved. Injuries were found on the child but witnesses offered conflicting accounts of how the injuries occurred. The case has been forwarded to the District Attorney's office where a grand jury will decide if charges will be pursued based on the facts and evidence presented."

Now, Allen is trying to find justice for her one-year-old son.

"He can't defend himself, I can," Allen said. "I want to see justice done because this is not right. That's cruel."