NEW DETAILS: Pecos Mother Charged with Manslaughter After Child Dies in Hot Car

NEW DETAILS: Pecos Mother Charged with Manslaughter After Child Dies in Hot Car

PECOS, TX (KWES) - We have new details in the case of a Pecos toddler who was found dead in a car last week. The mother of the child was arrested Monday.

17-month-old Avrian Villalobos was left in a car outside of a home off Hickory in Pecos. Police say he was in the car for an hour before his mother found him unconscious.

On August 11, police say 21-year-old Annabelle Millan drove with her three kids to drop off the father at work. When she got home, baby Avrian was left behind in the vehicle.

"Miss Millan has admitted to investigators that she was rolling marijuana at the time that the baby was in the car," said Chief Clay McKinney of the Pecos Police Department.

Officials say when Millan realized Avrian was missing, she found him in the car unconscious before she rushed him to the hospital.

Preliminary autopsy results show baby Avrian died of hyperthermia - of a heat stroke. When police tested the car afterwards, the temperature inside read 200 degrees.

"If you can learn anything from a tragic event like this, that would probably be one of them. Just to watch those kids in those cars," said McKinney.

Police arrested Millan at her home Monday morning. She is charged with manslaughter and faces 2-20 years behind bars. Her two other children were removed from the home by Child Protective Services.

Cases like baby Avrian's are what inspired legislators to ask for additional funding for prevention programs.

In the last session that ended in June, Senator Carlos Uresti says they obtained an additional $40 million, which brings the total to $130 million for the next two years for cases of abuse and neglect.

"We can get the message out. We can remind people in their busy, daily lives that you've got babies in your back seat. Double check," said Senator Carlos I. Uresti of the 19th District of Texas.

Millan's bond is set at half a million dollars.