Odessa Family Looks For Child To Bless In Memory Of Late Granddaughter

Odessa Family Looks For Child To Bless In Memory Of Late Granddaughter

After losing their four-year-old granddaughter and 24-year-old daughter-in-law to a car accident, Oscar and Sherry Limon are looking to bless a little girl here in the Permian Basin. As an officer with the Ector County Sheriff's Office, Oscar Limon has worked many tragic accidents, but would have never guessed he would lose the loved one.

"They were involved in a head-on collision," Oscar Limon, grandfather of Janiyah, said. "Jennifer Limon and Janiyah Limon were both killed in that accident."

On May 30, Jennifer, Janiyah and Jett, 1,  were driving back home to Alpine when a drunk driver over-corrected and hit their vehicle. Jett survived the accident with a fracture to the skull but lost his mother and sister.

"Jennifer was just happy," Oscar said. "She was always cheerful and she loved helping people. Janiyah, she was our princess. She was our first grandchild and only granddaughter and she just knew how to light up a room.

Now the Limon's want to keep Janiyah's memory alive by blessing a child with what she was never able to receive.

"Since Janiyah is no longer with us, and we were excited about doing this for her and we had planned on doing this for her prior to this accident, we're looking for a Pre-K child, preferably a female that we can take shopping and buy her school supplies and clothes just to bless her," Oscar said.

All of this to remember a very special little girl, who just like any four-year-old could not wait for that first day of school.

"she was excited about starting school, we were excited, her parents were excited. Her mom being in that field of teaching, I know she would have been very excited about this."

To send in your recommendations for a little girl who is in need of some school supplies and clothes, Oscar and Sherry ask if you could reach out to them through Sherry's Facebook page. Oscar says he would like to take the family out to lunch and make plans for the shopping spree.