Residents Face Aftermath of Friday's Small but Mighty Storm

Residents Face Aftermath of Friday's Small but Mighty Storm

Friday night's storm was small, but mighty. Now some residents are facing the aftermath.

62 mph winds tore roofs from homes. It ripped the entire roof off the pavilion at Hogan Park, restaurants and the Budget Inn in Odessa.

"The walls moved, the windows they got leaks because of all the rain and wind," said Odessa resident Veronica Armendariz.

It tore down trees, and maybe you woke up to find a trampoline in your driveway or your fence.

Some residents we spoke with woke up to find their front yard swing set over the fence and in the middle of the street.

"Trash was blowing everywhere. Bottles and paper everywhere," said resident Alexia Armendariz.

"Kind of like a reminder of that movie Twister, but a little mini one. It was something like that," said resident Veronica Armendariz.

Tanks were rolled on their side. One off 87th Street near Loop 338 rolled over two fences before crashing into a home.

Insurance agents say they've received claims from the area and expect numbers to grow.

State Farm suggests if a tree fell on your property, cover up any holes to prevent further water damage.

"So if you buy any tarps or anything to protect it, you want to keep those receipts, take pictures and document anything that you buy because those items are reimbursable under most homeowner's insurance policies," said Chris Pilcic, Public Affairs Media Specialist for Texas of State Farm Insurance.

Residents should assess their property thoroughly for any damages.

"They may not suspect yet that there's been damage, but they may realize in a day or two that a shingle is missing, they see some limbs down on their roof that they didn't notice before," said Pilcic.

Hundreds were without power after the storm too.

State Farm says if your food spoils, that could also be covered by your insurance.

There are several ways to file a claim, says State Farm. You can call your insurance agent, go online, or you can log in to your account and file a claim to track its progress.