Owner of Neighborhood Peacocks Going to Trial With City of Midland

Owner of Neighborhood Peacocks Going to Trial With City of Midland

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - A neighborhood in Midland is known for peacocks that have roamed the streets for decades. Now the city is trying to put a stop to that and is taking the owner to trial. If you drive through the residential neighborhood of Trinity Estates you'll probably spot a peacock or two. That may soon change. The owner says he's been slapped with about 30 misdemeanor charges for breaking an animal ordinance.

"The head of animal control came out and threatened me that they were going to take pictures of any peafowl outside my fence and charge me with a misdemeanor, and they have charged me with about 30 of them," said George Lohmann, the owner of the peacock property.

He says no one has ever gone this far to get rid of the peacocks at his home.

"I think it's targeting. I think it's intentional. There's a neighbor that's been targeting me regularly," said Lohmann.

It's unclear if that's the case but a jury trial has been set for Tuesday. The city says that's because he has violated a animal ordinance.

"They are not a nuisance. They bring such beauty and life to our neighborhood. A real uniqueness. So it would just be a shame if something happened to them and they just took that away," said Kimberly Cowan, a Trinity Estates resident.

The peacocks have roamed the neighborhood for decades. Lohmann's estate has been their home since the 1940's.

"You know people of three generations have enjoyed these birds," said Lohmann.

"There are hundreds and hundreds of neighbors who are in support of leaving the peacocks alone and not causing a problem," said Linda Kroll, Lohmann's neighbor.

Kroll lives right across the street and she says the peacocks don't roam past more than two house into the neighborhood.

"It's no different than when our dogs get loose," said Kroll.

Lohmann says he plans to fight the charges.

"Yeah they want me to pay a fine which I'm not going to do. And they want me to clip the wings of these creatures who roost in trees at night. If the wings are clipped they're dead," said Lohmann.

NewsWest 9 reached out to the city of Midland for a comment on this issue but they cannot speak about it while the trial is pending.