City of Andrews Receives 2 Brand New Ambulances

City of Andrews Receives 2 Brand New Ambulances
The City of Andrews is the proud recipient of two brand new ambulances.
Waste Control Specialists granted $400,000 to the city for the new state-of-the-art emergency vehicles.
The County Commissioners approved the money to go towards the ambulances.
The Andrews City Mayor, hospital district CEO, city manager and police chief started searching for the funding eight months ago and were very grateful for the money.
Police Chief Bud Jones talked about what these new vehicles mean for the city.
“They allow us to have much better patient care. They're larger trucks. They have more room. We can haul more equipment. And they're just a real big plus for our service," said Andrews Police Department Chief Bud Jones.
We're told the two ambulances they will be replace are 12-14 years old.