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More Details Released Regarding Midland Double Murder


We're learning more about the accused killers' plan in the double murder in Midland.

Trace Roland, Ryan Green and Sean Jobe are all locked up on capital murder charges.

Police say the trio plotted an attack to kill Aaron Jarmon, 25, and his girlfriend, Haley Millan, 19.

They believe a dispute over drugs may have led up to the deadly shooting.

The arrest affidavit stated Green admitted to the killings and that Jarmon “needed to be dealt with.”

He told officers that he and Jobe went to a field near the home in the 6300 block of Kanawha last month.

Green waited in his car while police say Jobe went to the shed near the home.

That's when gunshots rang out and flames erupted from the shed.

Police later discovered the bodies of Jarmon and Millan after the fire was put out.

The report says green and Jobe fled the scene.

Right after, the two called Roland to tell him what happened and met up with him.

Green told officers that a few days after the murder, he and Jobe threw their cell phones out on the interstate.

The report says investigators searched Green's home and found a notebook.

Inside the notebook were diagrams of the home on Kanawha and the surrounding areas, along with notes indicating that green had looked around the home before.

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