Big Spring Lieutenant Firefighter Says He Was Wrongfully Fired

Big Spring Lieutenant Firefighter Says He Was Wrongfully Fired

BIG SPRING, TX (KWES) - A Big Spring firefighter is trying to get his job back. He claims he was let go and never given a reason why. On Thursday, a hearing examiner heard the case of Lieutenant Fabian Butler against the city of Big Spring. Through several witnesses, the city attempted to prove their reasoning behind the termination.

"Next thing you know I'm fired for really no reason," said Fabian Butler.

Butler has been with the Big Spring Fire Department for nine years. He was eligible to be promoted to deputy chief.

"I took a promotional test and I made the highest score ever. 105," said Butler.

Butler says that's the highest score in 40 years. That was in early February. Butler says one month later, things took a drastic turn.

"There was an incident that happened when someone said I was rude and discourteous. But to this day nobody can tell me what I said. So the chief initially threw the complaint out. He wasn't worried about it because it had no merit," said Butler.

That incident happened during a call at a prison. The Big Spring Fire Department says Butler was unprofessional after he was not let through security because he didn't have his ID.

"Then four or five days later, he basically placed me on administrative leave pending investigation for a complaint he already threw out," said Butler.

Butler says there's no disciplinary action in his file. During Thursday's hearing, the fire department dug up documents dating back more than four years ago.

"Basically why we're seeing all of this drug out today is because the chief didn't have enough to justify the termination and so they are trying to pile more information in there," said Rafael Torres, the Service Director for the Texas State Association of Firefighters.

"No African American has been promoted to lieutenant. I was the first one to do it. I made the highest test score for deputy chief. There's never been an African American deputy chief and I would have been the first. I just don't think the city of Big Spring and administrators wanted an African American deputy chief," said Butler.

NewsWest 9 reached out to the representative for the Big Spring Fire Department at the hearing.

She declined to comment until the proceedings were over.

It could take up to 30 days for the examiner to come down with a decision.