Heidi Cruz Makes Campaign Stop in the Permian Basin

Heidi Cruz Makes Campaign Stop in the Permian Basin

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - There hasn't been a dull moment in the race for the Republican presidential nomination. On Wednesday, one potential First Lady made a stop in the Basin.

Midland welcomed Heidi Cruz, the wife of Ted Cruz, to town.

Heidi spoke to a captive audience Wednesday afternoon at the Midland County Republican Women luncheon at the Midland Country Club. It's the latest stop on the "Cruz Country" bus tour.

On March 23, Ted Cruz became the first major candidate to announce his bid for president. Nearly five months later, the couple is on their national campaign tour.

Wednesday, as Ted campaigned in Russellville and Little Rock, Arkansas. Heidi stepped foot in the Permian Basin.

"I've been out to Midland for probably every month or two for the last 11 years, so it feels like coming home," she said.

Millions tuned in to the August 6 GOP debate. Heidi says she was thrilled by her husband's performance.

"Aiming to connect with the hearts and minds of every hard working American across this country so that they have the chance to see who he is and what his values are. Not what people say about him," said Heidi.

Hot topics discussed were the Cruz campaign's focus on job creation and growth, more opportunities and job offers for college graduates, their aims to dismantle Obamacare and reverse Executive Actions put in place by the president and tax and education reform.

"When voters know what their candidate stands for, they're willing to vote for them on the issues. Not because of the party that they are a part of but because of the issues that they stand for," said Heidi.

Heidi says her husband didn't expect 17 candidates when he announced his bid for the race, but he will continue the fight toward his ultimate goal to get a Republican back in the White House.

"He has said publicly that if he were the one that the people chose, he would look to everyone on that stage and consider them to be part of the Cruz administration," she added.

Next, it's back to Houston for Heidi Cruz to spend time with her daughters as Ted stays on the road. She heads to South Carolina and North Carolina next week.