Midland Food Truck Vendor Petitioning For More Areas to Park and Sell Downtown

Midland Food Truck Vendor Petitioning For More Areas to Park and Sell Downtown

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - A Midland food truck vendor has gotten over 300 signatures on a petition. The vendor believes the city should designate more areas to park food trucks. NewsWest 9 spoke with a city of Midland spokesperson who says a food truck lot may be underway.

The limited number of locations for food vendors to set up in the downtown area has one local business owner looking for 1000 people to sign a petition to show the city that there is a want and need for food vendors downtown.

Teri Kilani, Owner of Cane D'Oro, said, "When I first got started here it was really difficult finding business owners that would let you set up in their parking lot or somewhere specifically."

The struggle to find places to setup legally caused the owner of Cane D'Oro pizza to get help from the community in filing a petition.

Brian Patrick, General Manager of Cane D'Oro, said, "All we were looking to do was have a petition filled out and demonstrate to the city officials in Midland that there is a want and a need for mobile food vendors."

"We wanted to show the city council and the city that there's an interest in having food trucks here and it would make it a lot easier for both us and the people who are looking for us to be able to find us all in one spot," said Kilani.

Currently vendors have just a few options in downtown Midland to park their mobile food trucks. The Midland County Courthouse welcomes food vendors. A few spots at the Centennial Plaza are also available for vendors. But for the number of vendors in the area, the amount of space just isn't enough.

The Downtown Midland Management District (DMMD) has some things in the works for local food vendors that could fix the issue.

Sarah Bustilloz, PIO for the City of Midland, said, "Some tax increment reinvestment zone funding went towards this past year and that's for them to actually develop as food truck, sort of a food truck park where a lot of people would be able to go and you could always expect food trucks there most like what you see in the city of Austin."

The city of Midland has many resources for local food vendors like the downtown development department. The department's main focus is to make downtown Midland a place that people want to visit.

"Food trucks could provide something for downtown that it's lacking right now, so I think that's a very exciting sign towards revitalization," said Bustilloz.