Upton County Commissioner David "Rowdy" Mooney Arrested for Deadly Conduct

Upton County Commissioner David "Rowdy" Mooney Arrested for Deadly Conduct

UPTON COUNTY, TX (KWES) - Upton County Commissioner, David "Rowdy" Mooney was arrested on Saturday. Authorities say that Mooney pulled out a gun on the owner of a neighboring restaurant, Elena's Kitchen. The Sheriff's Office says the dispute was over a three foot stretch of land that Mooney believed was his.

Sheriff Dan Brown of Upton County, said, "The owner of the restaurant who believes they own this little three foot stretch of property had gone back there to do some plumbing work and Commissioner Mooney claims that same piece of property. He came back there and told the owner he had to leave, with a few more words and was carrying a firearm."

Mooney was arrested and charged with deadly conduct. Authorities say this dispute between Mooney and Elena's Kitchen has gone on for three to four months. But this isn't the first run in the Sheriff's Office has had with the commissioner.

"We've had allegations, people have made allegations against him and we've worked on those. But, this is the first time that something this serious has come about," said Brown.

In November of 2014, Commissioner Mooney and another Precinct 3 employee were accused of urinating on office chairs and in trash cans belonging to employees of Precinct 4. Then, just seven months later in May, the owner of Elena's Kitchen accused Mooney of throwing dog feces on their property. Mooney has since been allowed back on the commissioners court.

In this case, since Mooney thought the land was his, it brings up the question of whether or not he had the right to have the weapon on the property.

"I think he knew what he did was wrong but he thought he had the right, which you don't," said Brown.

NewsWest 9 reached out to the owners of Elena's Kitchen but, per their attorney, they were unable to comment. NewsWest 9 did speak with nearby neighbors who wished to remain anonymous. They said they didn't have any issues with Mooney.

"I have nothing against the guy, you know, he's always been nice. He's done good for the county and everything. I really don't have anything against him," said one neighbor.

Officials with the Sheriff's Office say that Mooney is set to bond out on Monday night. Currently, there is no word on whether or not Mooney will be able to stay on the commissioners court.