Campus Police Reminding Parents, Students of Safety Laws in School Zones

Campus Police Reminding Parents, Students of Safety Laws in School Zones

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - For some of us the countdown has already started. In two weeks, school starts in Odessa. Two days later, Midland students will be headed to class.

Before the kids hit campus, we have some safety reminders you should know.

For most of us, it's automatic. If you're in a school zone, you won't use the phone and you know the speed limit is significantly lower than normal. Why do many still break these simple rules? ECISD Police say the reason is simple: Driver negligence.

"They weren't paying attention, they have nine other things going on in the vehicle and just didn't realize they were in a school zone," said Jeff Daniels, Master Sergeant of ECISD Police.

If you're caught speeding or using the phone in a school zone, be ready to hand over up to $500 per violation.

"All in all, it's for the safety of our children, of our students," said Daniels.

From January through July of 2015, ECISD Police and Odessa Police handed out $57,037.60 worth of school zone violations. 232 for speeding and 21 for using a cell phone.

"We're gonna have the lights going. The crossing guards will be out but not every school has a crossing guard. So it's really important that parents pay attention in those areas," said Daniels.

ECISD Police say they'll be out in numbers monitoring the school zones, especially within the first few weeks as new students learn the safest route to class.

"Getting the kids accustomed. We have new kids in our area trying to learn their travel routes to and from school, so we'll be out making sure they're safe," said Daniels.

Odessa Crime Stoppers and ECISD Police are joining forces in a campaign that kicks off Friday. It serves as a reminder to drivers to slow their roll for back to school.