McDonald's Grand Reopening

McDonald's Grand Reopening

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The golden arches are back in business on Loop 250.

McDonald's had a little bit of a face lift over the last six months.

The building was completely tore down and built brand new.

Upgrades include a dual drive-through to serve more people.

The children's play area features interactive, educational computer games.

The inside also has a new modern interior, complete with interactive light-up tables.

"The building that was standing here was closed for 180 days, and what we did is open this new location," said Training Instructor Tyrone Ramirez. "We've now been open about seven days. The other location was probably one of the first few that were built back in the early 70s or 60s so it was time to bring to life a new McDonald's."

The McDonald's on Loop 250 is open 24 hours, so no matter what time of day, you can swing by and check out the upgrades.