Hobbs Municipal Schools Increasing Security Using New Corridors

Hobbs Municipal Schools Increasing Security Using New Corridors

If you have a student in Hobbs, you'll notice a new addition to each campus this year. Each school will have a security corridor.

Hobbs Municipal Schools is beefing up security.

"It's that small percentage of population, that small percentage of incident that we've gotta be prepared for," said Gene Strickland, Director of Operations for Hobbs Municipal Schools.

Six years ago, the district decided to test security corridors on an elementary and high school campus.

The results were outstanding. So much so, with the support from voters and the community, for the last 18 months, security entrances were installed in every school in the district.

"Society isn't what it was 30 years ago when some of our buildings were built. The average age of our building is 50-plus years and things didn't happen then the way they happen now," said Strickland.

Here's how these security corridors work.

The front doors to each school are always unlocked during business hours. When you step inside, there will be another set of doors that are locked. Unless you're a staff member and have a key to buzz you in, you'll need to go straight to the front office to explain your visit before you can gain access.

"We can't control what happens outside, but we can mitigate what that disruption is to our campus and our students, and in a lot of cases prevent that," said Strickland.

The second set of doors and all other exterior doors will lock as soon as the first bell rings.

Fortunately, Hobbs hasn't experienced any major incidents of violence in their district. They're goal with these new additions is to keep it that way.

"Parents are sending us their best. They're not sending us their second-teamers or their third-teamers or third-stringers. They're sending us their absolute best. We take that responsibility very seriously and treat them as if they were our own," said Strickland.

A special film is installed in some of the glass so it won't shatter as easily, adding on minutes in case of an emergency should a criminal try and get through.

As we've heard, in those types of scenarios, a couple of minutes could mean lives saved.

Officials also say in the near future, employees in the front office could also get special training on how to deal with any hostile, violent and aggressive visitors.

Class for Hobbs Municipal Schools begins Wednesday, August 12.