School Officials: ECISD Accountability Results Need Improving

School Officials: ECISD Accountability Results Need Improving

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Accountability ratings for the schools across the state are in and Ector County is looking to making some changes after finding their results were not up to par. They received a "met standard" rating. This year, the accountability ratings for ECISD were not what was expected. Although, the district met standards, they are below the state average.

"Until you understand the details of those numbers, it sounds really bad and we're not pleased," said ECISD Superintendent Tom Crowe. "But then again, there are pockets of excellence happening within the district. We just got to get it spread across the district."

Superintendent Tom Crowe said ECISD is experiencing a roller coaster of one good year followed by a disappointing one. After evaluating the ratings, he found some consistency will have to be in place to fix the problem.

"We're going to focus on the four non-negotiables," said Crowe. "Those are academic excellence, college and career readiness, purposeful, timely, two-way communication and safe and supportive learning environments."

Crowe says talking with other school districts near the border may have some answers because they have similar demographics.

"What are they doing that's helping their kids be successful? They're scoring better on the test, but with the economically disadvantaged in particular, they have a bigger challenge than we do," said Crowe.

Annette Macias, the Director of Accountability and School Improvement says to parents, if you are worried about your child and their performance look closely on their reports you may be pleasantly surprised.

"Determine if their students made progress growth, if they met progress, then their kids are on the way to eventually getting there if they haven't passed the test," said Macias.