Narcotic Pain Pills Stolen from Big Spring Hotel Room

Narcotic Pain Pills Stolen from Big Spring Hotel Room

BIG SPRING, TX (KWES) - More than 75 prescription painkiller pills were stolen from a hotel room at the Best Western on Lamesa Highway, police said.

The two bottles of hydrocodone and Tramadol were prescribed to hotel guest Bob Amirr to treat post-operative back pain, he told NewsWest 9.

"I went to look in my bag and the medicine was gone," Amirr said. "I felt very much invaded [and] very insecure. Now you're thinking, 'Okay, what else are they going through?'"

Best Western representatives could not be reached for comment.

Big Spring Police could not confirm if the theft was an inside job or the work of criminals unaffiliated with the hotel.

The incident occurred within days of another prescription medication theft, less than two miles away.

Two hooded burglars made off with approximately 14,000 pills from Leonard's Pharmacy in the early morning morning hours of July 27, officials said.

The Scurry Street business, owned by Big Spring Mayor Larry McLellan, reported that hydrocodone, oxycodone and amphetamines were among the stolen medications.

Police could not confirm if the two thefts are linked.

"People who are law-abiding and actually need [these prescription pills] for pain are the ones who have to suffer," said Amirr. "It's because of people who are trying to... get high or [make a] profit."