Midland Parents Concerned With Midland ISD's New Zones

Midland Parents Concerned With Midland ISD's New Zones

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - The rezoning of boundary lines has some Midland parents upset because their kids are being moved to other schools. Parents have the option to file a Public Education Grant (PEG) transfer with the Midland Independent School District but many claim their transfer requests haven't been reviewed yet.

It's all because of the new boundary lines. Kids are having to go from schools like Santa Rita to low performing schools like Ben Milam.

Krystal Nunez, a parent of an MISD student, said, "Due to the rezoning, we are forced to go to Ben Milam which is is a failing school and we're just not too happy about that."

Rosindo Lopez, another concerned parent, said, "Our son has been going to this school, Santa Rita, for three years. It's meeting all of the standards for the state of Texas and now they want us to enroll him in a different school that's not meeting the standards."

PEG transfers we're being accepted by MISD beginning in April. Parents tell NewsWest 9, they filled them out that month. With school just two weeks away, parents claim they still haven't received a yes or no. Parents have the option to go to the PEG school or attend the school of their choice and face their kids being un-enrolled in that school if is at capacity.

Megan Everett, a concerned parent of three, said, "When you put her in a school and you yank her out on day two and tell her I'm sorry, that new teacher and those new friends that you like, those aren't yours either, that's not fair. I mean none of this scenario and none of these options that they are throwing at us are good or fair."

School officials say they have received 1,500 transfer requests so far, 300 of them are PEG transfers. They have accepted many but are still working on reviewing the rest.

Teresa Moore, Executive Director of Student Services, said, "If you receive no notice, you don't get a yes, you don't get a no, by the first day of school we're asking that you attend the assigned school. Because what we do once school begins is, we study the enrollment numbers. We look at those numbers every single day and that helps us to know exactly how many children are attending each school so that we know where we have space."

MISD says that by the end of the second week of school they should know what space is available and they will finish reviewing the transfer requests.

"We'd like parents to give those new schools a chance I think a lot of folks would be pleasantly surprised with the school that they're assigned to rather than the school they'd like to attend. But we're working very hard and we're putting a lot of good things in place," said Moore.