Odessa Police Officers of the Month Save Man's Life

Odessa Police Officers of the Month Save Man's Life

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - The Odessa Police Department is honoring two officers for saving a man's life. Back in May, they responded to a suicidal person. They reacted out of instinct and with just minutes left saved the man. As stated in their mission statement, "The Officers of the Odessa Police Department aspire to ensure a safe, peaceful and productive community." Corporal Kendrick Barragan and officer Matthew Chavez achieved just that.

"He even told us, he was already tired," said Odessa Police Department's Corporal Barragan. "When ran back there and grabbed him, he had already let go. He was tired. He was done."

It happened in the 800 block of West 22nd Street on May 4. Dispatch took a call from the subject's father, who stated his son was feeling suicidal and was attempting to hang himself.

"We went in through the front door, which was unlocked and due to the nature of the call and it being a check welfare allowed us to enter without a warrant," Cpl. Barragan said. "We ended up checking the whole residence and as we checked, we didn't locate anybody."

They then made their way to the backyard where they found a young Hispanic male, chain around his neck, calling for help.

"When we saw the chair on the floor that he used to hold himself up and push it off, I picked the chair back up, while Corporal Barragan was still holding him," said Officer Matthew Chavez. "I was able to untie the chain off his neck."

Once they got him untied, Officer Chavez and Corporal Barragan laid him on the ground until medics arrived.

"I feel good that I helped somebody and he's here and living right now," Chavez said.

"I feel excited, besides the shock, I'm happy to have helped somebody," said Barragan. "I feel like we ended up doing the work we were meant to do."

Corporal Barragan and Officer Chavez received a letter of commendation from Chief Burton and Deputy Chief Gerke stating, "these two are examples of the many fine officers employed by the Odessa Police Department."