Monahans Thriving Despite Oil & Gas Decline

Monahans Thriving Despite Oil & Gas Decline

MONAHANS, TX (KWES) - The oil and gas industry may be slowing down but the city of Monahans is still thriving. In fact, they're getting some new developments. New restaurants, hotels and even an event center is making its way to Monahans.

City Mayor of Monahans, David Cutbirth, says it's all because of the economic development in the city that is bringing more people and more money to Monahans. 

"We've got a lot of development going on here in Monahans. Anything from new places to eat, retail, to a little commercial, to a lot of housing including our intentions to have a new school out there. But the cornerstone of it is the county's new facility," said Cutbirth.

That facility is the Ward County Event Center that will be a part of the east side development project. They will be bidding on the event center within the next few months and the new structure should be built within the next year and a half. The city is also building a $1.5 million water line.

Melanie Williams, Real Estate Agent with Trower Realtors in Monahans, said, "Right now, they're laying infrastructure for that so they can provide water and city utilities and all. But we're very excited to be able to have homes for people to move into and to purchase here. We're still growing and we could still use even more."

For those who plan on making Monahans their home, the city plans on building new houses and apartment complexes. The mayor says that roughly 80 homes have already been built in Monahans within the last three to four years. For tourists and visitors, there have also been six brand new hotels added to the city.

Billy Reed, a resident of Monahans, said, "We have seen a tremendous amount of growth over the last 10 years that we've been here. Traffic has picked up, of course as the oil prices come down they sort of slid off a little bit, so it's been fun to see the growth and the coming of a new town in a sense."

Mayor Cutbirth says that these developments are just the beginning of what is to come.

"We're on board for growth and we're on board for those things long term. We've been very fortunate to have good people over here and we've got a good economy, even today with oil down below $50 a barrel, the production side of it is still good," said Cutbirth.