November Proposition Could Save Texas Taxpayers Money

November Proposition Could Save Texas Taxpayers Money

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - We spend a lot of money repairing our roads but if a new amendment passes, more money can stay in your pocket.

"That money can be used to pay down transportation debt that's accumulated over the past twelve years but will be used only for non-towed roads and bridges of the state," said Texas Senator Robert Nichols on Proposition 7, a constitutional amendment that that will be on the November ballot.

Nichols says they spent more money on our debt payments for our roads than on adding new roads or new construction contracts.

"So legislature said we're going to quit borrowing and we're going to try to get back to a pay as you go system. The dollars that we have put together in proposition 7, which will be on the ballot in November will do that," said Nichols.

The proposition will save taxpayers money over the long haul because we won't have to be paying interest on debt.

State legislators from both the Texas House and Texas Senate have already approved the amendment addition to the November ballot.

"In this case, out of 181 members of the legislature, 180 said, 'yes we need to do this,'" said Nichols.

When the proposition passes, Nichols believes the Transportation Commission will have a factor for oil and gas or energy sector roads.

"Road funding is a core function of the state; it's something an individual cannot do. A city can do it inside a city, a county can do it inside a county, but we need connectivity throughout the state," said Nichols.