Group Aiming to Renovate North Side of Big Spring Facing Challenges

Group Aiming to Renovate North Side of Big Spring Facing Challenges

BIG SPRING, TX (KWES) - A Big Spring group is looking to re-vamp the north side of town but North Side Movement says their efforts are being met with some resistance by the city.

North Side Movement has one goal: to renovate the North side.

That's the reason why they got the lease for a pool house in Andries Park. Shortly after, they say the city filled the pool with sand, put up a no trespassing sign and even their own lock. So the group's question is what went wrong?

"Not every kid around here has parents that can drive them to the city park over there and spend all day over there. Around here it's a residential area, 'Hey let's all run down here to the pool and go swimming,'" said North side resident, Adam Diaz.

In December 2014, North Side Movement got the lease for the pool house. Since then, they say they've invested thousands out of their own pockets to help with the upkeep. Such as painting the pool house, removing barbed wire around the pool and installing the pool gate.

"I quote that, 'Big Spring is a beautiful oasis in the desert'. It doesn't feel like that on this side of town," said Michael Deanda of Artistic Adventures and representative of LULAC and North Side Movement, who painted the mural on the pool house.

Members say they reported to city officials that the pool fence was in bad condition and sharp debris was in the pool. Shortly after, they arrived to find the pool filled with sand.

They say the "No Trespassing" sign was put up a month ago on the pool gate and a "No Bottles" sign was installed last week in the handicap parking space next to the pool.

The reason as to why is still unknown.

"[The city was] threatening not to renew the lease, blocking all sorts of permits that we've tried to get to renovate it and they're trying to tear it down," said Deanda.

Residents who live on the North side welcome the face-lift.

"Abandoned, rugged houses that don't need to be up, just go ahead and tear them down. Put in an empty lot and let someone else come in and build something better," said Diaz.

North Side Movement and the city are in negotiations to renew the lease or modify it to give North Side Movement more responsibility of the upkeep. The existing contract for the lease of the pool house expires in December.

"There used to be a lot more to do on the North side, but not anymore. It's coming back though, slowly," said Diaz.
We reached out to the county commissioner who oversees the north side and he was unavailable for an interview.

NewsWest 9 also attempted to contact the city manager and mayor multiple times for comment via telephone, e-mail and a visit to city hall. We are still awaiting a response.