Man on K2 Arrested After Jumping on Cars, Attempting Break-In

Man on K2 Arrested After Jumping on Cars, Attempting Break-In

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - A man under the influence of synthetic marijuana caused a scene Sunday afternoon in the 2700 block of N Lamesa Road, police said.

Gabriel Sandoval, 49, was later arrested and charged with public intoxication, a Class C misdemeanor.

"He was trying to get in a house," said Midland Police Sgt. Jimmy Young. "He was right in the middle of Lamesa, jumping on cars [and] scaring people... If my wife and kids [were there], they'd be screaming. That's scary, what he did."

No injuries were reported, he added.

Two men stepped in after the incident broke out around 3 p.m. and held Sandoval down until police arrived, according to officials. Video footage shot by a witness shows the suspect yelling and struggling on the ground.

"I think they did a good job because they didn't allow him to get hit by a car or anything like that," said Young. "[They made] sure he was safe and waited until police arrived on scene."

It's unclear if Sandoval was under the influence of alcohol, or other controlled substances, in addition to synthetic marijuana. Neighbors who spoke with NewsWest 9 said they did not recognize him.

Jasmine Avila, a woman who grew up in the 2700 block of N Lamesa Road, said she blamed Midland's latest population boom for the rise in neighborhood disturbances.

"This is the fifth story [about a public intoxication-related disturbance on this street] that I've heard about in two years," she said. "Growing up here, it was so peaceful... People would have their doors open."

Avila said she now worries about the safety of her two younger siblings "all the time" and "definitely would not" raise her own family in the area.

According to Midland Police, arrests related to synthetic marijuana have not increased significantly during the past year. However, Young urged people to avoid the substance.

"It affects different people in different ways," he said. "Some people get more aggressive than others. Just stay away. Don't do drugs."