Odessans Seek Permanent Fix to "Crater-Sized" Pothole

Odessans Seek Permanent Fix to "Crater-Sized" Pothole

ECTOR COUNTY, TX (KWES) - It's a crater-sized problem seven years in the making. Some Odessans are fed up with a giant pothole in the middle of the street. It's the size of the entire road.

Each year, according to businesses off S. Market St. in Odessa, the pothole gets progressively worse. So bad, that when cars or 18-wheelers drive around it, that's created more potholes in the parking lots.

"It's just a very big safety factor," said Steve Young, Branch Manager of Canary, LLC.

"It's a pothole, but it's more like a crater in the middle of the street. We call it a pond. It's got algae in it and it may even have fish, I don't know," said Leah Braun, Office Manager of Com-Pac Systems, Inc.

"If companies are having their trucks go through this every day, day in and day out, they would have to spend a substantial amount of money to fix [the trucks]. It takes a toll on your vehicle," said David Christon, Engineering Technician at Weir Oil & Gas.

To avoid the pothole, cars and 18-wheelers are forced to go around it, and onto Canary, LLC's parking lot.

That creates more potholes and a headache for employees trying to leave work.

"It's gonna cause an accident. It gets worse and worse. They'll come out and they'll throw some asphalt down and they run off," said Young.

Braun says she called the county in late June and they submitted a work order.

"They're just filling the holes so it will work great until it rains. Once it rains, it washes all out and we're right back at square one," said Braun.

The county tells NewsWest 9 repair workers are shorthanded at the moment and they have all hands on deck. They say they get at least ten calls a day about potholes needing repair, and when it rains, that number doubles. They are in the process of seal coating the roads now.

Residents are hoping for an investment by the county to re-pave the roads, instead of filling up the potholes one by one.

"They need to do something permanent. Not just jerry-rigging," said Young.