Former Home of Hailey Dunn Could Be Demolished

Former Home of Hailey Dunn Could Be Demolished

COLORADO CITY, TX (KWES) - Over two years after the remains of Hailey Dunn were found, officials in Colorado City are looking to demolish her former home. It comes at the request of the neighbors. Squatters have made it their home and it now poses safety and health hazards.

"We did condemn the building because there is some very unsafe areas in it," said City Manager David Hoover. "It is very unsanitary. There are no utilities hooked up to it and it is uninhabitable."

After Hailey's body was found in March 2013, the home served as a memorial for the 13-year-old. Now, the only people that come to visit are the homeless looking for a place to stay.

"The latest thing we've heard are complaints from neighbors about the weeds and them being so tall and grown-up and squatters living in it," said Hoover .

Hailey's friend, Hannah Sosa, says if the home is destroyed, it will be taking all they have left of Hailey.

"I really don't like the fact that they're going to tear it down because she was my best friend and that's the only memory I actually had left since everything else faded away," said Sosa.

Hoover says the decision will be taken to the Housing Standards Commission within the next two to three months. Demolishing a home takes money, which the city just doesn't have in the budget.

"Like a lot of other towns here in West Texas, the oil has really quieted down. We have lost a lot of revenue and it takes money to demolish a building," he said.

The home is still owned by Hailey's dad, Clint Dunn. The city has made multiple attempts to reach him but he has yet to return their phone calls.

"It's either got to be demolished or someone is going to have to do a lot of work on it," said Hoover.